Actriz Marihuana Legal

The actress usually shares on her social networks the different news of her life and she did it with the information she has received in recent hours. It is from the Cannabis Program Registry (REPROCANN) that she received this permit, which leaves her out of illegality. Dolores Fonzi`s joy at getting the permit opened the debate about the use of marijuana for medical purposes. It should be noted that the actress overcame breast cancer in 2019, although she did not specify that this was related to the procedure she performed. Over time, the actress has become a political activist and a very important reference when it comes to legalizing marijuana. Together with her family members, she runs the Fundación Daya and plays an important role in projects such as the legal culture of the La Florida community. He had a busy week, due to the role he filled under the command of Beatriz Sánchez, who emerged victorious last Sunday. “They gave me PERMISSION from REPROCANN to grow grain in my house,” Dolores Fonzi revealed via her Instagram account. The actress was thrilled to receive legal permission to plant marijuana on her property for medicinal purposes and celebrated it in a very special way.

Fundación Daya was born from the same idea: to defend the medical use and human rights of those who want to consume cannabis without committing a crime. Its meaning comes from Sanskrit and translates to “compassionate love.” Daya grew up in poorly healthy Chile. That`s why the foundation has developed studies on marijuana and its medical benefits. Today, many municipalities want to join the project, which originally began with the requests of the current mayor of La Florida, Rodolfo Carter. Last April, this crop managed to reach its first legal harvest, giving Chile the lead in medical policy for marijuana in the region. Even at a very young age, she decided to become an actress. His love for this art was born after seeing “Hechos Consumados” by Juan Radrigán, whom he admires for his talent as a playwright. In the performance, Gazmuri immediately observed the possibility of playing a role of social transformation. But there were other possibilities. Medicine, law, anthropology or philosophy.

Like the vast majority of students her age, Ana María wasn`t sure what to choose. A life diary, written at the age of eight, chose her. I wrote there<>. If we talk about activism, it was also founded early in Ana María Gazmuri. Since he was a student, he has always opted for leadership positions within the course and to advocate for those who needed it most. “I have always had a deep sense of justice, of rebellion in the face of injustice. I think that`s where activism comes from,” he says. It must be clear that his activism in calling for the legalization of marijuana is geared towards health and human rights conditions that border on drug law. After media cases, Ana María Gazmuri began speaking out on social media to defend those accused of crimes for marijuana use. With your permission to legally grow cannabis for medical and therapeutic purposes©. Paradigms are changing, now you can legally grow and transport cannabis to Argentina, according to the page, which also sells courses and producers© around the topic. About the first time he smoked, he said, “At 19, ± and that was the hinge at that time that I© told you about, and that moment also©has to do with marijuana.

I understand that there are people who do not do well to open up, more than just. There you go. This opening has already taken place, so now I can dose it and then I smoke a pipe from time to time and it`s okay. Now, this time, it`s like the glass of wine we enjoyed. It is hoped that the new constitution will pave the way for the legalization of abortion and euthanasia by also including the use of various substances. For Ana María Gazmuri, the foundation she heads is a success in the country. The strategy? A simple but difficult task: to change the paradigm on marijuana from social foundations. Daya fulfilled a strong political-social mission by developing a new vision of marijuana to win support for the reforms, which were later pushed into the “decision-making elites.” Salma Hayek took her role as the queen of drug trafficking very seriously. The role of the unscrupulous leader of a Mexican cartel in Oliver Stone`s latest film, Savages, led her to reflect on the issue of drugs in the United States. Speaking to the Associated Press news agency, the Mexican actress defended the legalization of marijuana “if it is controlled.” .