Youth Legal Aid Services

Our lawyers work with youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In each district, our work takes different forms and priorities: we meet young people where they are – geographically, developmentally, emotionally, culturally and linguistically. We work with youth, family members, educators, service providers and other community partners to ensure that the legal and non-legal needs of youth are met. Each year, LACY represents approximately 2,000 children and adolescents who are victims of abuse or neglect. We provide legal assistance to current and former foster children between the ages of 14 and 24 as they transition from foster care to independent adulthood. The Youth Law Center is committed to sharing resources, information, and advocacy tools that can improve quality of life and opportunities for foster youth and juvenile justice. Our goal is to strengthen the field through knowledge and increase the impact of those working on change for our children and youth. The Youth Justice Team believes that youth should be treated with respect and have the resources they need to achieve their goals. To this end, we engage in civil representation, social work, community cooperation and systematic advocacy in partnership with the youth we serve. We offer civil law services to youth aged 13 to 26 to prevent entry or reintegration into the justice system If you would like to consult with our staff about any legal issues or barriers you are currently facing, please call our hotline during business hours. P.O. Box 6000 Rockville, MD 20849-6000 301-240-6310 (TTY for the hearing impaired) 301-240-5830 (fax) NCJS offers a range of services and resources that balance the information needs of the field with the technological means to obtain and access support. Automated Information: (800) 375-5283.

Information on all immigration and naturalization services. Bilingual. FREE legal advice for low-income children and youth. Appointment only. No walk-ins. Our four focal points are: Child Protection, Juvenile Court, Youth and Families with an Immigrant Background, and Youth Homelessness. The juvenile justice practice specializes in meeting the unique legal needs of this population, with more than 200 experts working with more than 34,000 children each year to deal with traumatizing and emotionally charged cases that affect our clients and their families. As trusted confidants and advocates, our advocates ensure comprehensive representation of children, social workers, paralegals and investigators as they navigate multiple systems and challenges affecting our clients.

A personal reflection by Anna Pickett, articling student, on the intersection of justice for persons with disabilities and youth access to justice. The Legal Aid Society is New York`s leading youth advocate. We are committed to providing our clients with continuous, comprehensive and enthusiastic representation. In New York`s family and criminal courts, we counsel minors and families affected by juvenile justice, including preventing police interviews, arranging secure transfers, and avoiding court records through early involvement of legal support and intervention. We partner with the Santa Clara County Department of Child and Family Services to provide free credit checks and identity theft-related legal services to current and former foster children ages 14-24 in our county. Learn more. Know Your Rights: McKinney-Vento Act (Education Rights for Homeless Youth) Students who are temporarily suspended from school are at increased risk of dropping out of school. We represent students at suspension hearings to ensure their rights are protected – and to prevent them from being transported from school to prison. We also help youth pursuing higher education by providing advice on job application issues related to criminal history and advising them on eligibility for financial support. We are also available to speak with young people in San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin and Napa counties. Our team of social workers helps access basic services and helps youth plan for safety in their communities.

Maighna Jain, our Regional General Counsel, and Brian Amaya, our Regional Supervisory Counsel, coordinate this regional work. While everyone has the guarantee of a lawyer before the criminal court, some situations require special training for young people. Teens have difficulty scheduling court appointments and following judges` orders because fear, confusion and young people`s brain development can cloud their judgment. This is especially true if a young person has received a criminal subpoena or missed a court date or community service in the past and is scared or unsure what to do next. Our lawyers use both legal and youth development principles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our attorneys are on-site at three medical facilities operated by Valley Medical Center, the largest public hospital in Santa Clara County. We support patients at the Children`s Hospital and their families with legal issues that affect the health and well-being of children. With BayLegal`s support, teens are adequately supported by community resources such as appropriate educational placement, access to mental health counseling, economic stability through government social programs – and therefore no longer need ongoing oversight of the juvenile justice system. An arrest can result in the eviction of public housing in New York City, even if it never leads to a conviction or if the charges are dropped. We represent families who are at risk of losing their homes to criminal charges. We also represent young people who are at risk of being “permanently excluded” and who are never allowed to return to their families, even to visit them.

Prepares young people for a successful adult life in outpatient placement. Provides support for emancipation services and education, career and housing benefits. There is a program called the Children`s Rights Project (see below) whose goal is to serve young people who need legal representation. Some of the areas where they can offer you legal services are: education, emancipation, government services, health care, immigration, and civil rights. You are entitled to assistance if you are under 18 years of age. Provides legal assistance and representation to students and school professionals who face discrimination, harassment or censorship based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Our lawyers and social workers work with teens and young adults who have participated in Alameda County juvenile probation.